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The secret to an athlete’s success is not solely based upon their abilities in the gym and on the field. Its the athlete’s ability to recover faster than the competition which determines unrivaled success. STAK believes that hard work, discipline and dedication to the constant pursuit of excellence is essential to victory.

That’s why countless hours of product research, development, and trial and error have been invested to bring you the most technologically advanced, 100% THC Free, and FDA-Compliant performance and recovery CBD product line to hit the market. STAK CBD provides natural products that are built by Nature and harnessed by man, formulating its one of a kind proprietary blend of Cannabidiol Extracts to compose its’ cutting-edge 3-STAGE time release technology unmatched in purity, potency, delivery, and human utilization.


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  • StakCBD is a game changer! Being a Marine Combat Veteran, who suffers from PTSD, I have turned to using the StakCBD Gummies. It helps me get a full night sleep, as well as the STAKCBD Oil Tinctures. I take them throughout the day to help out with sudden and consistent anxiety. I can tell you over the past month, I have felt AMAZING!
    I even use STAK Recovery Serum on my sore muscles after a week of training and by Monday I have recovered better and faster than usual.
    I truly recommend this product line to anyone who wants to be healthier and organically heal from not only physical injuries but mental injuries as well.

    Terry Placker

    Fitness Consultant and Coach
  • Taking the gummies before bed helped me effortlessly come off ambien and improve on the quality of my sleep in the healthiest, most natural way possible!
    As a health enthusiast sleep is a critically important part of the fitness equation!
    Using Stak products not only have helped me sleep and recover significantly better, their gummies also taste amazing, which comes in clutch at night when my sweet tooth tends to creep up!

    Chris C.

    Entrepreneur-Fitness and Health Enthusiast