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Raj Dhesi

Professional wwe wrestler and founder

Staying active is my lifestyle: wrestling, working out, traveling, and hiking outdoors, I am constantly on the go. When I injured my shoulder, I got a serious reality check because I was unable to do my daily activities and I didn’t have time to sit on the sidelines and wait to recover. In my industry, an injury could mean missing a serious opportunity. Thinking about waiting around and not being able to work or go to the gym stressed me out, and the anxiety plus the shoulder pain was starting to get to me.

I got online and started researching natural supplements to heal my shoulder, but I was unsuccessful. Everything on the Internet screamed prescription drugs or over-the-counter pain meds that masked the issue, and I wasn’t interested in not solving the problem. I came across CBD and the associated benefits, but as a random drug-tested athlete, I was reluctant to use it. I had common concerns of it being legal, allowed in the athletic industry, and most importantly, safe.

I continued to research CBD products, benefits, and brands that seemed to focus and align with what I was searching for in a product with workout recovery, reduction in inflammation, pain relief, and 100% THC Free. Then, I found a topical CBD serum that seemed to meet all of my standards, and I felt the relief in my shoulder soon after using it. The results were so unreal that I turned to CBD oil to help with my overall wellbeing. I experienced even more unexpected benefits from reduced anxiety, improved sleep, fat loss, and incredible recovery after my intense workouts.

The CBD oil had such great, proven, all-natural benefits that I couldn’t keep it all to myself. I had to share how amazing this product is with all my friends, fans, athletes, and anyone looking to perform at the peak of their ability. After countless hours of research, studying, and testing, I’m proud to share with you STAK CBD.

The Purest CBD Blend

After countless hours of product research, development, and trial and error, STAK CBD is proud to offer the most technologically advanced, 100% THC Free, and FDA-Compliant performance and recovery CBD product to hit the market. STAK CBD is an all-natural product Built by Nature and sources three different Cannabidiol Extracts to compose its three-stage specialized proprietary blend currently unmatched in purity, potency, delivery, and human utilization.